Szervita Square furnished  by Bentley Home

Szervita Square is a multi-function building in the heart of Budapest. The Developer had the specific goal to raise the level of luxury on the luxury properties in Hungary, realizing a never-before-seen building in the country.

The building site of Szervita Square furnished  by Bentley Home is quickly progressing.

Here are some pictures on the progress of the work!

Stay tuned!

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Epic Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa is quickly progressing

A  project design by Metrogramma in joint venture with The One Atelier.

After termination of Epic Phase I, the building site of Epic Marbella furnished by Fendi Casa is quickly progressing.

We are looking forward to the launch in July of the 4th Phase of the Development in collaboration with Sierra Blanca Developments.

Stay tuned!

Take a look at the wonderful Epic building site with sea views.

Credits of Drone Video and Photos: Alberto Fanelli

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Grammatiche Metropolitane now in bookstores

We are happy to announce that now “Grammatiche Metropolitane” published by Quodlibet, is in bookstores.

Grammatiche Metropolitane is a point of view on the dynamics of transformation of cities and new landscapes in the 21st century.

An analytical and exploratory look through three experiences that Metrogramma has carried out in twenty years: the project of the 4 densification scenarios for Bolzano (2001); the Darsena plan for the city of Ravenna (2005) and the PGT of Milan (2010).

The book is also a tribute to many friends, professionals, researchers and collaborators who are the true soul of these works. We believe it is the testimony of an intense work carried out around the themes of the city that we hope will interest you.

It would be a success if this little booklet, produced and published thanks to the contribution of Corradi Outdoor Living and thanks to Manuel Orazi and Quodlibet edizioni, could arouse a little desire for productive visions for the future.

Enjoy the reading!

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Good Luck Alberto Francini


“The passion for architecture, desire for renewal, and research pushed Alberto Francini to undertake a new autonomous career path from July 2017.

Metrogramma will continue its work under the impeccable artistic direction of Andrea Boschetti. To some of the partners and historical administrators, new members will also be added with the goal of increasing the international expansion of the studio, thanks to its offices in the world, and to further emphasize its cultural and artistic presence.

Alberto Francini will, however, continue his journey autonomously with a new company, new collaborators and a new study.

Both will continue to be an international reference for large-scale design, architecture, interior design and product design. Both will continue, and that is certain, their work of intense research and experimentation; a trademark that has always characterized the work of Metrogramma, as the works of the Milanese studio testify with clarity.

It ends – at least for now – a partnership and a journey of many years. There is no end to mutual esteem and friendship as well as the possibility of new future collaborations.

All the team of Metrogramma therefore wishes good luck to Alberto Francini who has contributed so much to the growth and affirmation of the brand in the world “

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Scalo Milano Wins The Best Retail Prize Forum Perspective EU 2017

SCALO MILANO CITY STYLE — one of the projects newly realized by Metrogramma – was honored with the BEST RETAIL prize of THE PLAN AWARD 2017 during FORUM PERSPECTIVE EU 2017

Perspective Europe – International Architecture Forum is an annual event with more than 220 companies involved, more than 400 attendees from all over Europe, Russia, Turkey and India. Perspective is a major opportunity to develop new contacts, learn about “new worlds” and find new business opportunities.

Metrogramma takes an active role in the forum each year. Also in the 2017 Edition forum, during the three-day event in Venice, Andrea Boschetti attended one of the main conferences and gave a speech titled “Re-thinking Future”, giving a large overview on the urban regeneration and transformation process. The relationship between place, urban culture and contemporary environment being the studio’s identifying feature and research process, in which the trial is accompanied by a feeling often artistic in design solutions.

In this context, SCALO MILANO CITY STYLE — one of the projects newly realized by Metrogramma – was honored with the BEST RETAIL prize of THE PLAN AWARD 2017.

Scalo Milano, 60,000 square meters of extension and 300 commercial units, is not only the first project of luxury retail village in Italy, but also a new urban district south of Milan. The complex offers a completely new retail concept: a City Innovation Hub, where training, research, exploration and contemporary habitats become preview of the city that will be.

The new image of Scalo Milano City Style by Metrogramma is designed like a haute couture dress on the existing structures designed Cotefa.Ingegneri&Architetti (Brescia): the new project thus remain unchanged in size and skyline volumes drawing above these a new flexible modular facade able to adapt to different situations and to give back the project idea to the visitors.

For more information please see:

Photo by Luisa Porta

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Andrea Boschetti AT RE-Thinking Varese @ Ordine Architetti Varese


Varese’s PPC Architects’ Order, in collaboration with the Municipality of Varese, organized a cycle of “Re-Thinking Varese” meetings, a series of events on urban regeneration and reuse in the contemporary city.

The first meeting had as guest Andrea Boschetti.

Go to the conference video:


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