Residential Building in Milan

  • Description: Competition
  • Client: Private
  • Site: Sesto San Giovanni, Milan
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: Completed


METROGRAMMA design a residential building for Milano Sesto competition.

This is the largest redevelopment project of disused industrial areas in Europe.


The competition had for the project proposal of a residential building agreed to be realized in the field of “ex Falk Areas and railway scale”. The building is provided as a multiple and with a consistency of 12.500 sqm of Slp, as well as interracts. The ground Floors are also present of the commercial functions.

The project is configured with a central court plant with dancing thoughts and as a traditional device of building a building for community, and as an instrument to guarantee every real estate unit a double opposed facing. The building volumes do not remain constantly in the height , but they are transforming slipping the one on the other to promote: the natural lighting of all the environments through the emptying of the high part of the volume, the natural aeration of the units through the draining of the low angle towards the city, the contact between the city and the commercial and common spaces of the ground floor through the opening of the court on the main course.

The facades have been designed in order to express a certain uniformity and general recognitional external contemporary to a compositional variety that confirms lightness and domesticity to the volume.

Six different prefabricated modules have been thought, everyone presents a particular type of windows, while maintaining the same modular dimensions. It is possible therefore, varying simply the accommodation of the modules, obtaining a notable variety of internal spaces and a diversified composition of the facades. All modules are designed to be compatible with the internal organization of every unit.

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