Residential Building in  Offenbach, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Description: Project
  • Client: Private
  • Site: Offenbach, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: 2019 – on going


METROGRAMMA design a residential building in Offenbach, Germany.


The building is located in the new residential compound of Offenbach, a small but fast growing town close to Frankfurt am Main.
The strategic location of the building grants a direct view on the main square (the principal access of the urban plot) towards the railway station and a more private facade towards the residential courtyards.

The used typological solution provides the subdivision of internal space into simplexes and duplexes. The internal layout provides a wide typological range, offering various apartment sizes and a more flexible typological choice. At the same time reduce the amount of internal distribution.

The facade design encompasses two different strategies for the front and the rear facade.
The front one, towards the main square, is defined by a modular grid that includes a regular brick frame, glass balauster and a inlayed planters on the floor in continuity with the indoor space.
Within this frame glass panels, permeable partitions and sun screens overlap according to the users needs.
The rear facade applies the same strategy, lightening the top floor through a linear terrace.
In both cases the regularity of the grid is broken on 4 crucial axis by glass boxes protruding from the facade itself.


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