Luxury Apartment in Milan

  • Description: Project
  • Client: Private
  • Site: Milan
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Completed


METROGRAMMA designed an high-end apartment located on the top floors of a panoramic tower built in the ’50.

A domestic interpretation for luxe materials, open and flexible spaces, sharp geometry and elegant details.

Design collaboration with Annalisa Mauri.


The need to create open spaces and at the same time private rooms oriented Metrogramma to perform the space as a “flexible device”, where the rooms achieve the necessary privacy, while maintaining permeability and brightness. The focus leads to the idea of creating a “technical spine”, a linear stripe of 25 meters for 2,5 with its own visible and architectural identity. It’s a recognizable device, designed to accommodate all the technical elements of the house and various architectural elements needed for the flexibility of the space.

The geometrical theme flows through the detail and the spaces of the house as a general common denominator, from the different scales of the project: large geometric voids and solid forms are flexible and changeable. The spaces are drawn by geometry as well as the surfaces. The floor is a continuous element envisioned as a big rug. No space has been excluded; all areas of the house are democratically crossed by the same flooring, which gradually changes in color according to the use of the space.

Different and contrasting materials blend here in delicate balance collaborating all together to convey different feelings to who travel through those spaces.

The playful mood of Metrogramma brought to the design of a flexible space   playing with furniture and fittings to create a scenographic and dynamic space with no exceptions for the functional aim: the movable libraries transforming the living room into an art gallery, the boiserie covering and heating the space but at the same time playing with lights and transforming the corridors in art galleries.

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