In July 2017, his passion for architecture , the desire to renovate and a delineate operational maturity paired with remarkable interest in research has led Alberto Francis to follow a new professional path.

Metrogramma will go ahead with its assignments under the impeccable artistic guidance of Andrea Boschetti.
New partners will join the former partners and administrators. Due to the remarkable artistic and multicultural charisma in worldwide offices, the objective will be to increase the international growth of the company.

Alberto Francini will proceed his professional route with a new independent company, a new practice with new collaborators.

Both sides will remain a worldwide landmark for architecture, multi-scale architecture, interior and product design.
What is certain is that both will continue their work of intense research and experimentation, a trademark that has always been characteristic for Metrogramma, as is clearly recognisable from the artistic productions developed in Milan’s practice.

Ends a cherished partnership, a journey that has lasted for many years. At least for now.
There is no end to mutual esteem and friendship, though, as the possibility for new future collaborations will always stay open.

Therefore the team of Metrogramma wishes the best of luck to Alberto Francini who has provided great effort to the growth and affirmation of the brand in the world.

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