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International company of architecture, urban planning and interior design with operating offices in Milan, Moscow and New York and with branch offices in London and Dubai. Metrogramma was formed in 1996 as a group of work and research by some young talented architects with critical spirit and desire for experimentation. Metrogramma as real professional studio was founded in 1999 by Andrea Boschetti (Bolzano, 1969) and Alberto Francini (Florence, 1969), architects graduated respectively from the Universities of Venice and Florence and acquired professional experience at the studios of Rem Koolhaas and Massimiliano Fuksas.

Currently Metrogramma, after the release of one of the two historic partners – Alberto Francini (who has opened a new office called Alberto Francini Srls) – is led by 5 partners. Andrea Boschetti is the artistic and scientific director.

From the very beginning, winning many international competitions and never giving up pungent and provocative operability against a profession often considered too commercial and not oriented towards the real needs of the human habitat, many of the Metrogramma’s works were distinguished for innovation and experimentation and, therefore, they have become topics of international discussion.

Projects of Metrogramma are in all scales, including, among the many in the field of urban planning – the urban densification scenarios for the growth of the city of Bolzano – Habitat BZ 2001 (Gold Medal for Italian Architecture) and the Plan of Government of the Territory of Milan ( PGT2011) – development plan currently in force; while in the field of architecture are reminiscent the residences Domus Malles (INARCH Prize 2010), the project for the new skyscraper for the Lombardy Region (2003) and the latest creation, namely Scalo Milano City Style (2016), a contemporary shopping center oriented to the world of design, food, and fashion. Multiple projects abroad include VIPs Buildings in the area of the Losail Marina in Doha, Qatar and the tourist establishment dedicated to the world of skiing, named “Sunny Valley”, in the Urals, Russia.

In the field of interior design, there are, thanks to recent professional association with the London contract division LLEngineering and attributable to the Group Luxury Living (leader in the luxury interiors industry), many projects in collaboration with some of the most famous brands such as Fendi Casa, Home Bentley, Bugatti Home, Trussardi Casa and many others.



Experimentation understood as the logical pathway and backbone of urban evolution is the basis of the Studio’s research design.


The objective of the Grid is knowing how to operate the proper balance of commensurability and proportionality of the parts with rigorous precision, without which the project either devolves into incomplete and mutilated discontent or, on the contrary, grows heavy with excessive hubris.


The Unit is the clarifying entity of the architectural process from beginning to end. A composite and stratified unit, holding within it the complexity of the resulting spatial configuration, is one of the most significant roots of Metrogramma’s philosophy.


Citing Giancarlo De Carlo, it is perhaps that in a fluid state, without the marginal constraints of space and time, architecture becomes “generous and meaningful for human beings as a gracious and delicate extension of natural order”.



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